Aerial Photos and Video

  • Television news and advertising
  • Real Estate
  • Events
  • Search and Rescue

Infrastructure & Industrial inspection/surveying

  • Pipeline, Dam, Bridge, Rail, and Roadway inspection and monitoring
  • Power line and transformer monitoring
  • Municipal water/reservoir supply monitoring
  • Cell and Wind tower inspection
  • Land use surveys

Aerial Surveys and 3D Photogrammetry

  • Provides hyper accurate three dimensional models
  • Calculate various volumes of aggregate,
  • Produce accurate ortho-rectified photographs
  • Export the model information to any 3D file type


  • Crop status (growing stage, yield estimates, etc.)
  • Drainage estimates and topography
  • Planting evaluation and replanting requirements
  • Pathogen introduction and tracking + Weed levels

Mining/Geospatial Applications

  • Identifying high value minerals and precious metals
  • Mine monitoring and remediation
  • Service mine reclamation monitoring
  • Acid mine drainage and water quality monitoring

Animal/livestock monitoring

  • Studying wildlife migration patterns
  • Non invasive surveying
  • Disease and injury detection
  • Open-range animal location/identification


  • Forest fire mitigation and assessment
  • Forest health and stress monitoring
  • Forest classification / Inventory
  • Plant disease detection


  • Risk Management
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Air Quality Monitoring

Insurance underwriting and claims assessment

  • Determine crop damage
  • Assess fire loss and reconstruction
  • Quickly determine natural disaster losses
  • Industrial pollution monitoring