UAV Service, Sales, and Flight Training

Big Sky UAV Services

Big Sky UAV knows that the most cost effective way to utilize UAV’s is hiring our FAA approved UAV’s and pilots to do the job for you. Our pilots are the best trained and most capable UAV operators available today. Why own, operate, insure and maintain a fleet of UAV’s when we can do it better, faster and cheaper for you?

UAV Sales

If your needs require UAV ownership, Big Sky UAV can review your requirements, discuss scenarios with you and research the different UAV’s currently available in the market today and/or design a custom UAV for your specific task. Then we can get you the best UAV for your budget and requirements.

UAV Flight Training

Our team of licensed pilots and experienced UAV operators provide flight training on-site at your location and/or at our Helena, Montana based flight school. Using online tools and hands on real world flight training, our experienced pilots can train your chosen operator to expertly fly UAV’s. 

Big Sky UAV’s Imaging Capabilities

20MP + Still photography, 4K and1080p video, with the highest resolution images commercially available. Applications include TV and video production, inspection, real estate, art, and special events.

FLIR Infrared- View Infrared and thermal images and see even in the darkest night. Applications include search and rescue, agriculture, livestock and wildlife monitoring, pipeline assessment, and power and electrical inspection.

Multi-Spectral-View Images not visible to the naked eye- Red, Green, Blue (RGB), Near Infra-red (NIR). This type of imaging is best suited for precision agriculture applications.

Hyperspectral- In hyperspectral imaging, the recorded spectra have fine wavelength resolution and cover a wide range of wavelengths invisible to the human eye. Applications include archaeology, astronomy, agriculture, mining, geosciences, physics, and surveillance.