Big Sky UAV

Precision Aerial Imaging Since 2012

Big Sky UAV provides precision aerial imaging utilizing UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles).

We produce the highest resolution and most accurate images available with the most advanced imaging tools available including:  4k, FLIR, Multi-spectral and Hyperspectral Cameras.

Our UAV’s and interchangeable payloads and sensor arrays can be used to produce centimeter accurate ortho-rectified images for a variety of applications: search and rescue, engineering, industrial inspection, archaeology, forestry, mining, agriculture, surveying, oil and gas production monitoring, and more; and with our online tools we provide integrated sharable online maps in any file type for manipulation by the client.

Big Sky UAV is the only phone call you have to make for your aerial imaging needs.

Prepared for any weather conditions, we have numerous fixed wing and multi-rotor UAVs each specifically designed to fly in varying conditions and environments and for their own specific task. 


Our Mission

BigSkyUAV provides high quality aerial imaging to meet our clients diverse needs.  Our fleet of UAVs are equipped with the latest technology to suit just about any requirement.  Wether you need FLIR, optical assessment, site surveys, orthomosaics, or even water samples, we can provide the proper vehicle.   

Big Sky UAV can provide services that a helicopter or plane cannot provide simply due to access or cost.
— Anonymous

What We've Achieved

  • We've been developing autonomous vehicles since 2011.
  • We have successfully built and flown numerous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, all under 10lbs.
  • Our fabrications department has built custom release mechanisms, mounts, and flying platforms.
  • Our software and hardware expertise has provided the quickest "concept to solution" for our client's projects. 
  • We recently received our commercial 333 exemption from the FAA - one of less than 1000 in the United States as of July 28th, 2015.